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Final 747 Built is Delivered!

Boeing Says Farewell To The Last 747 Of The Production Line

Atlas Air celebrates it's new addition to it's fleet while Boeing and it's employees shed a few tears. The staff known as the "Incredibles" who built the first 747 — were invited to the company's Everett factory to witness Boeing delivering the plane to Atlas Air Worldwide. The Boeing 747 had it's first aircraft built in 1967 and what a whirlwind era the 747 brought to the world. Not only was the 747 the first widebody passenger aircraft it was also the first widebody cargo aircraft.

At the height of it's popularity in the 1990's Boeing delivered 70 units of the 747 in one year. However with new technology the four engine 747 began to give way to more fuel efficient two engine aircraft and that spelled the beginning of the end for the 747. Boeing produced 1,574 jets over a 56 year period both passenger and cargo aircraft combined.

Have you ever flown in a 747? Tell us what you thought about the aircraft.

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