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The Bottomless Pit!

Is The F-35 Lightening What Canada Really Needs?

The USAF has admitted that the costs of the F-35 are too much! Now because the USA prints their own money their attitude is "let's spend more". In 1992 when the F-35 program was began it was touted as a low cost, all round fighter, interceptor, surveillance and bomber. In 2015 an F-35 costs between $148 million and $337 million each in production costs, then add the costs for R&D, testing and evaluation and the cost are just staggering. This is the most expensive aircraft and weapon ever built.

In one newspaper article the Royal Australian Air Force has reduced the flight time of the F-35 Lightening by 36% leaving the fleet budget to $258 million/year.

How does Australia keep it's air force flying with frequency considering the issues happening in the South China Sea?

How can Australia protect itself considering the F-35 is not really a long range fighter/bomber?

With continuously expensive hourly flying costs and maintenance costs how can a country afford to keep the F-35's flying?

If Canada chooses the F-35 Lightening for it's CF-18 replacement how can they afford to keep them flying?

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