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Pre-Order Policy

  1. What is Pre-Order?  Pre-Order is when a manufacturer has provided details of a model being released including airline, aircraft type, livery and any special features to the model.  The release date is in the future.​​

  2. Why do manufacturers provide the information for a future order?  Manufacturers release information of a future model at times to find out how much interest there will be in the model thus the more pre-sold items before a production cutoff date the more accurate the number of models made.

  3. Why should I purchase a pre-order item?  This ensures that you will have an aircraft model reserved/purchased.  Models may be sold out with pre-orders and may not be available for general sale when the model is finally released.

  4. Why has my pre-order not arrived as scheduled?  Manufacturers experience delays and in some cases a new model scheduled for a certain month for example December 2021 may in fact be released months later than scheduled.  We will keep you informed of delays when you pre-order with us.  Rest assured with payment or deposit payment your purchase is guaranteed.

  5. What happens if the manufacturer decides to cancel the build?  It does not happen often however there can be extenuating circumstances in which a manufacturer cancels the manufacture of a particular aircraft.  You will receive a complete refund of the purchase price, taxes (if applicable) and shipping fees paid for delivery to your location.

  6. What if I change my mind and decide to cancel the purchase prior to release date or delivery?  You will receive a refund less a 20% restocking fee.  Any and all refunds must be authorized by Flight Deck Models.  Please refer to our shipping and returns page.

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