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Aviation News in Canada April 2022

Sunwing Airlines:

April 18 and 19 have seen issues with Sunwing's booking system. This system is provided and managed by a third party company and has been down now for 2 days. Scheduled flights to and from Toronto are seeing delays and cancellations. The check-in services have been experiencing system outages which in turn have been affecting their flight operations. Since Monday April 18th, up to 15 flights were processed manually. Sunwing is attempting to push through as many flights manually as it can. Passengers are asked to check with their particular flight online prior to heading to the airport to ensure their flight is flying out that day.

Lynx Air Arrives in Winnipeg!

On April 19 Lynx flew into Winnipeg on it's inaugural flight into this new destination. Winnipeg fares start as low as $59 until April 22nd. Lynx will provide services 2ce a week Calgary-Winnipeg and Vancouver-Winnipeg.

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