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Canadian Government Decision!

Amidst the ongoing occupation of Ukraine by Russia has moved the Government of Canada to make an announcement within hours that the F-35 Lightening will be the choice to replace Canada's aging CF-18 Hornet fighters. This has not been verified but has been leaked by an anonymous source. Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: The Government of Canada has just announced in a press conference that the F-35 Lightening has in fact been chosen as the replacement for the CF-18 Hornet. 2nd phase is now to begin which includes negotiations.

The Liberal Government quashed the Conservative plan to purchase the F-35 in 2015 as there was no competition involved and was going to give Lockheed Martin the contract directly. Canada has contributed US$613 million into the F-35’s development since 1997

What do you think? Is this Canada's right choice?

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