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Good News! De Havilland Canada Restarts Production of the DHC-8-400.

The pandemic and slowing sales had caused DeHavilland to pause production of the DHC-8-400 better known as the DASH 8 back in 2021. De Havilland has been in operation since 1929 based out of Downsview Ontario but recently has seen a move to Western Canada where Wheatland County Alberta will now be its new home and will be called De Havilland Field. Demand for the DASH 8 and the DHC-6 (shown below) known as the Twin Otter has started to pick up, as a result the company has decided to undergo a review on the direction of the Twin Otter by the end of 2022 and later the DASH 8.

De Havilland currently manufactures the DHC-515 FIREFIGHTER™ (shown below).

Is the move from Ontario to Alberta a good one for De Havilland?

What are your thoughts? Have you ever flown on a DASH 8 or Twin Otter? How did you like it?

Please add any of your comments below and thank you for reading our blog

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