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Is The Lockheed F-35 a Rust Bucket?

After 6 months at sea the F-35 is not looking so good!

The highly touted 5th generation fighter that Canada has in it's new fighter competition is not looking good. The US Navy's F-35 is getting some unwanted attention aboard the USS Carl Vinson as it is showing significant wear on it's radar-absorbent material (RAM). Iron is a known ingredient in the very secretive RAM coating and iron does not respond well to sea water. Now the Air Force version is not having these issues. To make a long story short the RAM coating is essential on the F-35 to ensure it's stealth capabilities, there is much to how the coating works and we will touch on that at a later date.

Canada's role with NATO requires our aircraft to be deployed all around the world and that means that it can end up on NATO aircraft carrier for transport, maneuvers and missions. The cost for the Lockheed 5th generation fighter is already exorbitant and the required maintenance to keep this aircraft RAM in tip top shape could be an unwanted cost to the Canadian government and the Canadian taxpayers.

We shall soon see if the Lockheed F-35 Lightening or the Jas Gripen 39 will be Canada's choice to replace the aging CF-188 Hornets.

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