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RCAF Cormorant Helicopters Getting a Facelift!

Canada's Augusta Cormorant CH-149 Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopters have been now scheduled to receive much needed upgrades. The fleet has been providing reliable and crucial service to Canada since 2001 – but requires upgrades to remain operationally effective.

In 2022 Leonardo U.K. Ltd. was awarded the the project and have just announced (April 27,2023) that IMP Aerospace and Defence has been sub-contracted to undertake the upgrade of 13 in-service AW101/CH-149 Cormorant Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopters at its facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

IMP will deliver 13 of 16 upgraded CH-149's from it's Halifax facilities with the first 3 being upgraded at Leonardo U.K. Ltd. facilities in the UK with Canadian IMP employees receiving training at that time. This means that the IMP contract will provide work for 650 people over the 12 year period of the contract.

The Cormorant fleet provide SAR services from Comox, B.C., Gander, Greenwood, and add to the SAR capacity from Trenton, Ont.

This appears to be great news for Canada! What do you think? Comments may be posted below.

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