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The Largest Cargo Plane in The World; Destroyed!

The ANTONOV-225, Is It Gone Forever? A new casualty of the attack by Russia on Ukraine has seen the destruction of "Mriya" meaning dream, though at this point it has not been independently verified. The AN-225 was sitting at Hostomel Airfield where it was undergoing maintenance when the airfield was attacked. The aircraft was built during the USSR era and has been in service for over 30 years. We can only hope that when the hangar was hit by missiles the aircraft was not a total loss. Antonov Company had indicated it could not verify the technical condition of the aircraft however it said it would rebuild it at Russia's expense at a cost of $3 billion US and could take up to 5 years to rebuild. The Ukrainian dream will live on either as a repaired aircraft or a totally new one.

UPDATE: February 28, 2022 the AN-225 has been confirmed by Antonov Company as destroyed. What do you think? Will the Ukrainian dream come back?

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