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Will Canada Open The Competition to Another Aircraft?

The F-15EX II Super Eagle!

Now another aircraft has hit the fighter market at Mach 2.7 and for now we have to say that this aircraft has limited capabilities. What does that mean? Well currently the F-15EX II with the US Air Force is going to be used to patrol the skies around US airspace and intercept Chinese and Russian military aircraft that test it sovereign boundaries. When conducting missions abroad the F-15EX II will be working in tandem with the F-35 Lightening stealth aircraft.

Canada requires a multi-role aircraft and that requirement may all but rule out the F-15EX II as another competitor in Canada's bid to replace the aging CF-188 Hornets. Boeing has snubbed Canada before in respect to civil aviation where the ensured that Bombardier C Series would not be sold in the US (later purchased by Airbus and rebranded to the A220) which was allowed to be sold in the US.

Right now Canada will work with the final two competitors: Lockheed F-35 Lightening and the SAAB JAS 39 Gripen. Hopefully we will hear who has won the competition by the middle of 2022.

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